The Sleazy Government Informant
Convict and conman, David Wheeler, was a poorly managed and opportunistic informant for the US Customs Service. While in an Oklahoma prison, Wheeler contacted Customs Enforcement and told them, "Get me out of jail, and I can help you prove that Mexico was in the business of drug trafficking." Customs bought the story, and concocted Operation Trifecta.

Romberto Rodriguez & the Panama Money-Laundering Operation
The head of a massive Noriega-protected money-laundering operation, Romberto Rodriguez laundered drug money for both the Bolivian and Colombian cartels. Through Operation Trifecta, a total of $75 million would be transferred through his organization, with $15 million going to top Mexican official Colonel Carranza.

Jorge Roman & The Bolivian Cocaine Cartel

La Corporación, considered the "General Motors of cocaine," represented by Jorge Román, was the second target of Operation Trifecta. The goal? A deal for the transfer of cash payments for 15 tons of cocaine from Bolivia, through Mexico, and into the United States. In the jungles of Bolivia sat five immense cocaine labs with 200 to 300 tons of cocaine ready for delivery.

Colonel Jaime Carranza & The Corrupt Mexican Government

The trifecta was completed by the grandson of the ex-President of Mexico, who had authored that country's Constitution. Carranza, a thoroughly corrupt government official, promised Levine full military cooperation to guarantee safe transport of the cocaine shipment through Mexico, at a pricetag of $1 million per ton. He also guaranteed that with the election of new president Salinas De Gortari and the passage of NAFTA, that Mexico would readily be open for many more drug transports to the US.